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Legal Products

In addition to traditional legal services, we offer clients unique legal products designed to reduce both cost and legal liability to companies.

Al Law Group Expedited New Project Authorization Strategies Service – ENPASS

Need your permit ASAP?

Al Law Group Over-Compliance Environmental Legal Assessment Service – OCELA

Companies spend millions over-complying with complicated environmental laws. OCELA shows where this is occurring and fixes the problem.

Al Law Group Agency Submittal Legal Review Service – ASLER

Companies are submitting permits and other agency filings without legal review that can be affected by case law and other legal decisions. ASLER provides an affordable legal review mechanism to help companies reduce liability and cost and increase profitability.

Al Law Group In-House Environmental Counsel Service – IHEC

Need an in-house environmental counsel only 5, 10, or 20 hours per week? IHEC provides part-time in-house environmental legal counsel either on-location or off-location.

Call us to find the simpleset solution to any environmental problem.

Call AL Law Group (281) 852-8064

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