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Over-Compliance Environmental Legal Assessment Service – OCELA

Oil Refinery - OCELA

Are You Over-complying With Environmental Procedural Laws?

Companies performing environmental audits generally focus on non-compliance. Rarely is over-compliance systematically evaluated. Non-productive over-compliance can:

  • Drain valuable company resources.
  • Increase potential civil and criminal liability.
  • Lead to less effective environmental protection investments.

The AL Law Group has found that many companies are living with unnecessary permit conditions, over-monitoring certain parameters, and implementing non-legal interpretations.

The AL Law Group’s OCELA service is a unique legal product designed to show companies where over-compliance is commonly occurring and share with clients the tools the AL Law Group has successfully utilized to help clients save money, reduce liability, and reinvest in more productive environmental improvement efforts. OCELA is available on a traditional fee basis, or a “pay us nothing unless we find you savings” basis.

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The AL Law Group helped me save my company thousands of dollars , even after I paid their bill.

Director of Environmental Operations, Fortune 100 Company

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