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Environmental Permits and Authorizations Strategies Service – ENPASS

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How Can I Get My Permits ASAP?

How you legally structure and evaluate a new project has a potentially significant bearing on the authorization costs and time-frames. Some authorizations allow you to start construction tomorrow. Other authorizations can take years. Legal factors articulated in case law can affect whether you build tomorrow, in 3 months, or in 2 years.

  • Authorizations can take over 2 years and cost millions of dollars.
  • Costs and time-frames can be mitigated or avoided by implementing ENPASS.
  • The AL Law Group has helped billion dollar facilities obtain authorization as well as several thousand dollar facilities.
  • ENPASS is a unique approach, utilizing tools developed by the AL Law Group to help clients identify potential means to reduce authorization time and costs.

If a project makes $100K per day, and we utilize our legal tools and expertise to obtain authorization even 10 days earlier , that’s $1 million we made the company.

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