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Aug 14 2019

ExxonMobil Fire at Baytown

Petrochemical Plant Fire

In Harris County on July 31st, there was a fire at the Exxon Baytown Olefins Plant. This resulted in the removal of liquid chemicals at the site of the chemical eruption. Two people have sued in response to the chemical fire that also injured 37 people. While normal operations have since resumed, issues like these require a legal acumen that utilizes proactivity to ensure environmental law policy is upheld. 

Texas Commission of Environmental Quality & Environmental Protection Agency 

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Environmental Protection Agency are working together to assess the impacts of air quality from the chemical fire. Harris County also stated that Exxon will continue to monitor levels of benzene levels which show levels less than 1ppm. These levels demonstrate that levels do not indicate a public health risk but there may be flaring for the next few days. 

Good News & Moving Forward 

AL Law Group

The AL Law Group understands issues like these can be prevented with proper understanding and application of environmental legal policy. However, these are challenges that require unique approaches that can get to the root cause of issues in order to prevent them from occurring again. In regards to the Exxon Baytown Olefins Plant, Fire pollution control did not detect any traces of benzene in the region of the facility for 72 hours. Additionally, a check by pollution control found benzene levels well below the OSHA standard for gasoline fillup. 

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