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Jul 18 2019

Potable Water Quality in Houston

Water Boil Advisement

Houston Texas is no stranger to water issues. These issues are not easy fixes and oftentimes require a legal acumen for environmental law to prevent future issues. Water contamination affects the lives of many, which makes life hard for those with homes that have been compromised. The article TCEQ Looking Into Subdivisions’ Water Issues After Complaints by Autumn Owens, highlights how water issues that affect the subdivisions have garnered complaints from Western Lake Estates and Brazos Ridge Estates residents. The residents were advised to boil their water prior to consumption and this ordeal has taken an emotional toll on the residents. 

Community Collaboration

Resident Robyn Winter-Skye described her experience having to purchase water since moving into her new home. She said, “I have to buy about 40 gallons of bottled water from the Pure Water Station in Weatherford every week because the water is not drinkable and to make matters worse, if I give it to the cats I foster, the cats immediately begin to vomit” (Winter-Skye). This resulted in members of the community galvanizing together to bring attention to the negligence they were experiencing. Things like this should never happen to your home or business and Al Law group has a proven track record of environmental legal policy to make sure you will not go through the experience Winter-Skye went through. 

Lack of Response

water contamination

In addition the experience Robyn Winter went through Katherine Ballard also described how her water bill had been outrageously high and had a recurring smell of bleach odors. Ballard decided to take action by taking pictures of a water contamination meter. Subsequently, Ballard reached out to the water company and they had not gotten back to her, while still having a high water bill. Going through this experience has Ballard’s husband considering selling their house. You should not have to sell your house and navigate complicated environmental legal policy like the Residents of Western Lake Estates and Brazos Ridge Estates have contemplated. 

Ultimately, there were as many as 30 complaints in total pertaining to water pressure, taste, color and smell (TCEQ). 


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