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Oct 29 2019

Our Track Record of Environmental Excellence

Ethics & Experience 

At the AL Law Group, we pride ourselves on our combination of experience and ethics. We take inspiration from the concept of servant leadership. There are many reasons why someone might aspire to become a leader in a given field: knowledge, talent, or curiosity, to name a few. But we believe the main responsibility of effective leaders is to serve others. This principle guides us forward as we serve our clients and protect the environment.

Serving Clients and Helping Others

Strong service leadership requires listening skills, empathy, foresight, stewardship, and a commitment to building community. We listen to our clients’ needs and develop an individualized compliance strategy that incorporates environmental ethics into their business plan. We practice empathy toward every member of our community, building mutually beneficial solutions for those on all sides of environmental issues. 

Our emphasis on data, science, and innovation gives us the foresight to find the best long-term solutions for our clients. Our sense of stewardship compels us to protect the environment and serve Houston to the best of our ability.

Building Trust Through Credible Communication

Our expertise is a key aspect of our success, but knowledge alone is not enough. Knowledgeable leaders must also be able to communicate clearly and honestly. Our careful approach to communication builds trust with our clients and leads to a better understanding of environmental issues throughout the state of Texas.

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