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May 10 2019

Texas Legislature passed HB 1953 on May 6. If signed by Governor Greg Abbott, Texas will become the sixth state to pass legislation to promote advanced plastics recycling and recovery technologies. This would convert post-consumer plastics into valuable raw materials using chemical recycling.

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Apr 29 2019

Despite improvements, Houston once again made the top 10 list for most polluted cities in the country for ozone, according to the new “State of the Air” report. The “State of the Air” is a report card on ozone pollution (smog) and particle pollution (soot) that is so small that it can lodge deep in the lungs.

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Apr 25 2019

water contamination

The Trump Administration’s redefinition of protected waters is reheating the battle over protected waters and state’s rights versus federal rights. This was expected as the debate has been ongoing since the enactment of the Clean Water Act of 1972, and President Donald Trump made throwing out the rule part of his campaign platform.

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Aug 17 2018

CERES Artificial Intelligence for environmental law.

Through developments in artificial intelligence technology, business problems can be more efficiently solved. The technology is already providing benefits in data processing by reducing the time it takes and improving the accuracy of the results. Combined with big data, artificial intelligence can get the answers that are needed more efficiently than if done by humans.

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Jul 20 2018

AL Law Group works to provide simple and innovative environmental solutions. CERES is one of the greatest simple and innovative environmental solutions, and it was created at AL Law Group.

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