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Jul 22 2019

water notice

The residents of Beeville, Texas recently experienced a water boil notice that was implemented in response to water contamination. The notice has since been lifted and is highlighted in the article, State Lifts Water Boil Notice in Beeville.  Also, in previous situations when the City of Beeville had been put under water notice the city blamed chlorine evaporation rates on recent hot weather. This demonstrates the importance of knowing environmental law policy to make sure the city is accountable when events like this occur.

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Jul 18 2019

water contamination

Water Boil Advisement

Houston Texas is no stranger to water issues. These issues are not easy fixes and oftentimes require a legal acumen for environmental law to prevent future issues. Water contamination affects the lives of many, which makes life hard for those with homes that have been compromised. The article TCEQ Looking Into Subdivisions’ Water Issues After Complaints by Autumn Owens, highlights how water issues that affect the subdivisions have garnered complaints from Western Lake Estates and Brazos Ridge Estates residents. The residents were advised to boil their water prior to consumption and this ordeal has taken an emotional toll on the residents. 

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Jun 24 2019

Emissions from cars and trucks can make up close to half of the air pollution in some parts of the state of Texas. Houston/Galveston, Dallas/Fort Worth, and El Paso do not meet federal clean air standards established by the Clean Air Act. Additionally, Austin, San Antonio, Victoria, Tyler/Longview, Beaumont/Port Arthur, and Corpus Christi are close to exceeding clean air standards.

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Jun 13 2019

Austin is the largest city that complies with all of the required atmospheric levels mandated by the EPA’s established National Ambient Air Quality Standards. However, the city is at risk for violating federal ozone standards as the ozone levels in the Austin area have been hovering just below federal violation levels for the last six years.

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May 29 2019

CERES Artificial Intelligence for environmental law.

Mansfield Marketing specializes in providing digital marketing services to clients in the industrial fields. Mansfield has announced an exclusive partnership with Ceres A.I.  to promote environmental change and compliance.

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