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Oct 29 2019

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Ethics & Experience 

At the AL Law Group, we pride ourselves on our combination of experience and ethics. We take inspiration from the concept of servant leadership. There are many reasons why someone might aspire to become a leader in a given field: knowledge, talent, or curiosity, to name a few. But we believe the main responsibility of effective leaders is to serve others. This principle guides us forward as we serve our clients and protect the environment.

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Sep 16 2019

Lawyer Specialization

Our legal team is diversified with experienced professionals who possess exceptional legal prowess. The collective acumen of our team is how we are able to address some of the most challenging environmental concerns while providing low-cost solutions to our clients. In order to tackle the constantly evolving landscape of environmental legal policy, we make sure our group specializes in a variety of disciplines.  

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Sep 03 2019

Jed Anderson

The Mission of Jed Anderson

Here at the AL Law Group, our mission is to provide expert legal counsel to help business leaders and corporations act in accordance with environmental legal policy. While this is what our mission entails from an operative standpoint, our long term vision is environmental legal self-sufficiency amongst corporations. 

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Aug 19 2019

antiquated diesel school bus

School District Contracts

Environmental legal policies require deliberation and careful planning to ensure that actions are more beneficial than harmful. The Texas Commission on  Environmental Quality (TCEQ) highlights how their agency issued the first 11 contracts as part of the Texas Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust settlement. This settlement focuses on mostly school district diesel bus replacement and is in response to litigation over emissions from devices found installed on VW vehicles and its subsidiaries. 

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Aug 14 2019

AL Law Group

Petrochemical Plant Fire

In Harris County on July 31st, there was a fire at the Exxon Baytown Olefins Plant. This resulted in the removal of liquid chemicals at the site of the chemical eruption. Two people have sued in response to the chemical fire that also injured 37 people. While normal operations have since resumed, issues like these require a legal acumen that utilizes proactivity to ensure environmental law policy is upheld. 

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