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Dec 18 2019

New TCEQ Grants for Building Alternative Fueling Facilities

What this Means for Businesses 

The TCEQ announced that new grants are not only eligible for individuals but also for industrial businesses. This can be a significant benefit for businesses looking to expand existing facilities. Additionally, the AL Law Group understands that there are legal challenges when it comes to understanding how grants are applied. With our eclectic team of legal experts, we are committed to helping industrial enterprises and professionals navigate the environmental legal landscape. 

How this Benefits You 

With this specific Alternative Fueling Facilities Program grant (AFFP) you will be able to take advantage of financial incentives. The goal if this program is to encourage a self-sustaining market for alternative fuel vehicles within the state’s Clean Transportation Zone. The AL Law Group staunchly supports initiatives that promote environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility. Learn more about the eligible fuel types featured below to take advantage of this grant opportunity:

  • compressed natural gas and/or liquefied natural gas
  • propane
  • biodiesel
  • methanol
  • hydrogen
  • Electricity

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