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Oct 31 2017

Navigating New Expansion, Plants, and Infrastructure in Texas

Texas is experiencing a natural gas boom, and as a result, a range of petrochemical projects are occurring in the area. Projects include new plastics, ethylene, and ethane plants that all must qualify for environmental permits in order to operate.

Chemical plant environmental permit in Houston.]

New Chemical Plants and Infrastructure in Texas

New chemical plants are nearing completion throughout the state of Texas. These plants are a part of 2017’s first wave of major petrochemical projects. According to BIC Magazine, “U.S. major petrochemical projects to emerge from the natural gas boom are reaching their final stages of production just as the second wave of the building begins.”

Projects Delayed by Hurricane Harvey are Nearing Completion

The widespread damage caused by Hurricane Harvey is being managed, and preventative measures for future storms are being set. An array of new chemical plants and infrastructure awaits throughout Texas, including the Greater Houston area. This first wave of expansion includes the following companies and projects:

  • DowDuPont ethylene and plastics plants in Freeport, Texas
  • Occidental Petroleum and Mexichem ethane processing plant near Corpus Christi
  • Chevron Phillips Chemical ethane processing plant in Old Ocean
  • Exxon Mobil ethane processing plant in Mont Belvieu
  • And more plastic and chemical plants in East End Houston

Learn More About Major Petrochemical Projects Reaching Completion

You can learn more about 2017’s first wave of major U.S. petrochemical projects reaching completion:

Environmental Permits and Authorizations for New Projects

Environmental permits and authorizations can take years, causing many difficulties. Expenses resulting from pending authorizations may reach millions of dollars, depending on the project.

Environmental Permit Aid with AL Law Group

The AL Law Group has helped companies and projects of all sizes, including helping billion-dollar facilities obtain authorization as well as many thousand dollar facilities. We help clients identify potential means in order to reduce authorization time and costs. Contact us today to schedule a case review.

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