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May 29 2019

Mansfield is an Exclusive Distributor of Ceres

Mansfield Marketing specializes in providing digital marketing services to clients in the industrial fields. Mansfield has announced an exclusive partnership with Ceres A.I.  to promote environmental change and compliance.

CERES Artificial Intelligence for environmental law.

Ceres is a tool for the next generation environmental practitioner. It utilizes big data, artificial intelligence, and the subject matter expertise training of experienced legal and consulting practitioners to deliver improved environmental professional performance.

Simplifying environmental compliance and protection is the singular focus of Ceres. “Complexity builds mountains. Simplicity moves mountains,” creator, Jed Anderson said. “As I dig deeper into Ceres and artificial intelligence, it’s not the underlying complexity that’s captured my attention. It’s the overarching simplicity. It’s going to make things simple. Really simple.”

Through developments in artificial intelligence technology, business problems can be more efficiently solved. When combined with big data, artificial intelligence can get the answers that are needed more efficiently than if done by humans. It also provides higher accuracy in performing its tasks because the possibility of human errors is removed and, unlike a regular computer program, artificial intelligence has the ability to learn from its mistakes and improve.

“If access to information is power, those using Ceres A.I. are becoming the most powerful people in Texas on environmental regulatory matters,” Anderson stated as a testament to Ceres’ capabilities.

Mansfield has worked with Anderson for many years and is excited to be a part of this world-changing project.

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