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Traditional Legal Services

The AL Law Group offers the full host of traditional environmental legal services to serve the variety of our client’s legal environmental and government relations needs. Our experience and expertise include the following areas:

  • Environmental Litigation
  • Regulatory Counseling
  • Air Quality Law
  • Water Law
  • Solid and Hazardous Waste Law
  • Soil Contamination
  • Administrative Hearings
  • Commercial Transactions
  • Real Estate and Land-Use
  • Civil and Criminal Enforcement
  • Climate Change Law
  • Environmental Government Relations and Public Relations

Simple & Innovative

Multidisciplinary, Turnkey Environmental Solutions

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21st Century Approach

The AL Law Group is neither encumbered nor distracted by the traditional law firm model that requires:

  1. Keeping junior-level associates very busy,
  2. Compensating senior-level partners extremely well, and
  3. Maintaining significant and costly physical infrastructure. Our novel approach enables us to devote higher-level resources at lower-level costs.

The formational attorneys in the AL Law Group originated from leading Texas law firms or Fortune 500 Companies. Our goal is to provide the highest quality one-stop environmental legal representation in Texas at about half the cost of traditional, large law firms.

Legal and technical expertise to solve your environmental problem

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