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Sep 03 2019

History of AL Law Group

The Mission of Jed Anderson

Here at the AL Law Group, our mission is to provide expert legal counsel to help business leaders and corporations act in accordance with environmental legal policy. While this is what our mission entails from an operative standpoint, our long term vision is environmental legal self-sufficiency amongst corporations. 

Expert Stewardship

Under the stewardship of Jed Anderson, we strive to make sure legal protocols become second nature for business leaders to keep environmental legal intervention at a minimum. In doing so the hope is to foster greater harmony between businesses and the ecosystem of the planet. Our goal is not to punish corporations who are failing to uphold environmental protocols, instead get them back on track to generating revenue in a socially responsible fashion. 

What Drives us 

The legal group we have assembled with Jed Anderson at the forefront is comprised of passionate and experienced legal practitioners. This experience comes from an intimate understanding of environmental legal policies that focus on people and the environments they exist in. We emphasize ethical coexistence and strive to deliver results that maximize potential benefit and minimize cost for the environment. 


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