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Environmental Investments

AL Environmental Holdings LLC

The AL Law Group has created a separate independent environmental investment company called AL Environmental Holdings LLC.

Opportunities are presenting themselves in the complex environmental arena to invest financial capital, intellectual capital, and legal knowledge and skills to help create additional financial and environmental value for clients and others.

AL Environmental Holdings LLC will be a separate holding company to create separate special purpose entities to pursue various projects with interested parties.  Potential projects include the following:

  • Contaminated Properties
  • Emission Credit Projects
  • Environmental Systems Monetization
  • Remote Sensing for Loss Control/Emissions Credit Generation
  • Other projects (as they present themselves)

Partners would be individuals or companies bringing at least one of the following to the table:

  • Project finder
  • Financial investor
  • Project expertise and sweat equity

If you are interested in environmental investments, or partnering potential opportunities, please contact AL Environmental Holdings LLC.

AL Environmental Holdings LLC is an independent investment firm.  AL Environmental Holdings LLC is not a law firm, and is not part of the AL Law Group PLLC.  The AL Law Group shall comply with any confidentiality, conflict, or other obligations as such and if such obligations potentially arise.  

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