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Jun 24 2019

Drive Clean and Cut Air Pollution

Emissions from cars and trucks can make up close to half of the air pollution in some parts of the state of Texas. Houston/Galveston, Dallas/Fort Worth, and El Paso do not meet federal clean air standards established by the Clean Air Act. Additionally, Austin, San Antonio, Victoria, Tyler/Longview, Beaumont/Port Arthur, and Corpus Christi are close to exceeding clean air standards.

The Drive Clean Texas Campaign

These air pollution problems are why TxDOT developed the Drive Clean Texas campaign, designed to demonstrate how simple changes in driving behaviors can have a significant effect on vehicle emissions and air quality. Drive Clean Texas is asking everyone to help reduce vehicle air pollution by making simple adjustments to the way we drive and maintain our vehicles can help us all get where we need to go and reduce air pollution along the way.

Hands-on Learning

TxDOT is taking the hands-on, educational Drive Clean Texas Road Trip Challenge Game to cities around the state where air quality is an issue. The game is a fun, interactive way to learn about reducing harmful vehicle emissions by taking a Drive Clean digital road trip on a large smartphone. 

Each time a wrong answer is selected, a puff of harmless “smoke” — representing vehicle emissions — is released into a giant, clear bubble encasing an actual sports car. Participants get hands-on training in basic tips in vehicle maintenance for optimal clean driving.

Easy to Follow Tips

Drive Clean Texas suggests a few simple steps to help protect the state’s air quality:

  • Keep vehicles well-maintained and inflate tires to recommended air pressure levels.
  • Properly fuel vehicles by tightly sealing the gas cap.
  • Stop at the click when fueling vehicle. Overfilling releases harmful fumes into the air.
  • Drive smart by obeying speed limits.
  • Avoid idling the vehicle for extended periods.
  • Avoid aggressive driving with rapid starts and stops.

Do Your Part

The Texas Department of Transportation’s “Drive Clean Texas” campaign asks all drivers to do their part to make sure every breath is clean and healthy all summer long. However, it also will take effort from businesses and the city to improve air quality. Contact us to find a solution that you can implement to help improve air quality.

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