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Feb 25 2018

Deer Park Industrial Facility Achievements

Deer Park industrial facilities were reviewed by the Deer Park Community Advisory Council for their 2017 and 2018 achievements and goals. The focus was on oil and gas and chemical and energy facility growth.

Deer Park industrial.

Improved Occupational Safety and Healthcare Administration Recordable Rates

Many companies had an Occupational Safety and Healthcare Administration recordable rates of 0.00, meaning those work environments had recorded no injuries and were in effect safe and productive.

“In 2017, Evonik, Intercontinental Terminals, Oxy Vinyls Deer Park, Valvoline and Vopak Terminal had recordable rates of 0.00. Oxy Vinyls Deer Park was recertified as an OSHA Voluntary Protection Program site. Intercontinental Terminals was accepted into the VPP Challenge program and continues towards VPP certification in 2020. Dow Deer Park ended the year with a 0.15 recordable rate,” shared

Other companies rates were recorded at 0.15 to 0.95, and have all declined through:

  • Plant improvements
  • Employee engagement
  • Improved awareness

Deer Park Petrochemical and Energy Facility Growth

Read more here about local industrial facilities’ achievements:

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