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Our Approach at The AL Law Group

The AL Law Group is an innovative environmental solutions firm. Our goal is to find the best, simplest, and lowest cost solution for our clients in this increasingly complicated ever-changing 21st-century world—expanding economic/environmental opportunities for our clients wherever we can.

We combine legal, technical and government relations expertise to find you the simplest solution.

The AL Law Group

In addition to offering traditional legal services, we offer transdisciplinary and investment services.  Solving problems in the 21st century often requires experts from different disciplines working jointly to create new conceptual, translational, and methodological innovations that integrate and move beyond discipline-specific approaches to address a common problem.  Projects can also require additional intellectual and capital investment to help move them forward.

The AL Law Group is designed to minimize external costs and focus on the quality of the product.  Our legal rates are generally less-than-half of our primary competition because of the unique way in which we are organized.

Come see why Fortune 100 Companies—to the smallest company—are choosing the AL Law Group.

Simple & Innovative


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Call AL Law Group (281) 852-8064

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Call AL Law Group (281) 852-8064

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