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Jul 22 2019

Accountability from the City of Beeville 

The residents of Beeville, Texas recently experienced a water boil notice that was implemented in response to water contamination. The notice has since been lifted and is highlighted in the article, State Lifts Water Boil Notice in Beeville.  Also, in previous situations when the City of Beeville had been put under water notice the city blamed chlorine evaporation rates on recent hot weather. This demonstrates the importance of knowing environmental law policy to make sure the city is accountable when events like this occur.

Chlorine Levels

water notice City manager Joe B. Montez met with TCEQ at 4 pm to discuss the chlorine levels and what actions to take to get the water notice lifted.  Montez explained that, “TCEQ must be the entity to finally approve the water in the system for consumption”. With TCEQ having the final say on the notice bing lifted it is important to act in accordance with the environmental law protocols to ensure the safety of consumers. While the lifting of the water boil notice should be a celebratory occasion, acknowledging how these issues can be prevented is essential. This is where environmental policy should be understood thoroughly. 

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