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Oct 30 2019

A History of Environmental Action

Leveraging Data and Technology for a Better World

As expert environmental consultants, we rely on science and innovation to lead us on the path toward a safe, healthy, and prosperous planet. We empower our clients to make ethical decisions through cutting-edge research and statistics. For example, our new CERES software provides access to comprehensive environmental reports at the click of a button, helping us combine human expertise with data-driven analysis. 

Simplifying Tough Questions

The field of environmental law presents incredibly complex problems on a daily basis. We take pride in our ability to simplify these decisions by approaching them with ethics and science in mind. We help our clients find clear, straightforward answers that balance all the complicated factors of the decision-making process.

Helping Houston Businesses Comply and Succeed

Our clients include oil & gas companies, chemical plants, and many other businesses throughout the Houston area and the state of Texas. We have a proven track record of providing expert compliance solutions that meet and exceed our clients’ standards. 

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